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ninjaruski replied to your link “A Future Worth Thinking About: Does An AI Have A Buddha Nature?”

Of course an AI has a buddha nature., why wouldn’t it?


The problem is that the investigation of the potential for non-biological intelligence or consciousness has been so geared toward a Western view of selfhood and moral responsibility that there hasn’t been muchc time give to other ways of thinking about what it could mean to be a self, or to be responsible and connected to the rest of the world, in a practical, experiential manner.

Let me be SUPER clear, so we can remove all doubt: The potential moral Patiency of #ai/#robots—that is, what responsibilities their creators have to THEM—has been given Far Less consideration or even Credence than that of the AGENCY of said, and that is a Failure.

I coined the phrase “Œdipal Obsolescence Fears” because we’re like Oedipus’ dad, bringing about the very prophecy we’re fighting against. Only w/ machine intelligence, WE WROTE THE PROPHECY…

…We wrote this story about what AI would be and do. WE wrote it. And we can CHANGE IT…

A Future Worth Thinking About: Does An AI Have A Buddha Nature?