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Good morning! Lots of new people around here, so I thought I’d remind you that I have Patreon Project called “A Future Worth Thinking About.” It’s a place where I talk a bit more formally about things like Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Sociology, Magick, Technology, and the intersections of all of the above.

If you like what we do around here, take a look at the page, read some essays, give a listen to some audio, whatever works for you. And if you like what you see around there, feel free to tell your friends.

Have a great day, all.

“A Future Worth Thinking About”

“On The Public’s Perception of Machine Intelligence” (Storify)

Shortly after waking up, I encountered another annoying “Fear Artificial Intelligence! FEARRRR IIITTTT!” headline, from another notable quotable—Bill Gates, this time. Then all this happened.

Previously in this conversation… like, everything I’ve ever said, but most recently, there’s this:

The [above] image comes from my presentation from Magick Codes, late last year:

Ultimately, I’m getting extremely tired of the late-to-the-game, nunanceless discussion of issues and ideas that we’ve been trying to discuss for years and years.

I want us to be talking about these things BEFORE we’re terrified for or lives, because when we react from that mentality, we make really fucking dumb decisions. When we skim the headlines and go for the
sensational, we increase the likelihood of those decisions having longer-term implications.

Anyway, here’s the thing. Thank you to all of my interlocutors. It was an enlightening way to start the day.