3 comments on “Audio: “Presentations of Non-Human Consciousness in Speculative Fiction Media”

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  2. really enjoyed this.

    Completely agree that the need for a language of patience, empathy and understanding is strong now, and will become needed more urgently in the near future.

    Currently, we have Political Correctness which (to me at least) seems to be well intentioned, but focused on the negative: using language in a way that tries to prevent offence, and which is in essence a framework for ideological control and therefore ideological prohibition.

    Whilst I would personally prefer that common parlance does not offend others, especially those who are sit outside of the ‘power demographic’ (white / CIS / straight / affluent – myself) I am happy to carry on listening, learning and consciously using the most appropriate language to identify difference.

    I also can’t help but feel that we … all of us … need somehow to implement a more positive ‘tool kit’ to affect power systems such as spoken language, education, social media with the intent of greater understanding of consciousness and achieve higher forms of empathy.

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