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Whatever it is you aren’t doing—whatever you’ve been putting off creating or saying or teaching others—do it now. RIGHT NOW. We can’t waste anymore time.

We have to make a plan. Make it huge and wild and desperate. We have to tell the core, the goal, to everyone we can. We have to find the others whose huge wild desperate plans match up with ours. We CANNOT WASTE TIME.

We need to mourn, to take stock of the holes in our lives—personal, professional, aspirational—and then we need to remember what those we’ve lost meant to us—what they built and inspired in us—and then we need to do WHATEVER it is that we each do to build and inspire all those who will come after us. All those who are with us, right now. We. Do not. Have TIME.

We have to make this world mean something. We have to make the biggest thing we can imagine, and we have to show each other what it means. Feeding your kids, clothing your friends, staying alive, bringing magick back to the world, teaching an AI to have unbiased, detached compassion. ANY WONDERFUL THINGMake a plan. Make a scheme. Find the others. If you have resources some else needs, find them, help them. Become more, together. We just can’t waste any more time.

Too much good has left our world. Too much inspiration sits unreplenished. WE have to. You and me. Together and separately. We have to make it better for each other. Otherwise what was even the point?

Now is the time we should begin.